Let's create Happy Buildings

A healthy building with a happy you.

Happy Buildings are high performant buildings where the inhabitant's physical and mental wellness is nourished. A stronger and more resilient person living in the buildings means a happier one.

Creating Happy Buildings Program connects academic research, innovative technologies, and ESGs to deliver truly unique and original buildings that drive and improve the health & happiness of the tenant.

Biospheric Air Treatment
is the first technology that is being used in Creating Happy Buildings Consortium's first research, Human Value Program.

About TakeAir

TakeAir is developing solutions for the air we breathe to include their positive impact on the indoor environment

TakeAir's innovation uses microbial friends to catch & kill pathogens and rebuild the indoor climate, as an add-on to your existing ventilation system. TakeAir offers certification programs to build trust and generates attractive dashboards to create awareness.

Change how we experience our built environment

Offices and workspaces are a large part of where people spend their time. Buildings are a big part of the quest for health and happiness.

We implement new technologies for true human-centric changes to our built environment through innovation and science-backed research.

The Happy Building is:

  • A systemic and academic approach to physical and mental health
  • Boosting innovation and implementation
  • Connecting academics, business and regulatory partners to a common cause
  • Creating shared insights for the world of tomorrow
  • Maximizing building health impact through technology
  • Delivers high-value perception

The first Happy Building program: Vattenfall Amsterdam

  1. We build a network of innovators.
    The Vattenfall company and its Amsterdam Headquarters is the first program to be activated

  2. Adding Innovation
    The first research here will link the impact the indoor environment has on the human value of the inhabitants.

  3. Create a higher-status building.
    By tending and assessing the indoor environment we can look for the impact it has on our own mental and physical health.

  4. Adding tangible human value to the building.
    An interdisciplinary team of researchers connects the physical health of the building with the mental health of the people.

  5. Vattenfall is ready for the Industry 5.0 revolution
    A sustainable human-centric and ethical building.